Monday, 16 July 2012

Moving the studio, and the rest of our home

After careful consideration we decided to sell our home.  With the help of our agent, and the lovely couple that is purchasing the house, we have a sale! 

Now comes the tough part.  We've been living in the pristine conditions of a show-ready house for a few months, and that has all been taken over by the smell of cardboard and packing paper.  While searching for a new home with our agent, hoping to find something early this week, we are also in a bit of a rush to pack up our current residence as the new owners move-in the third week in August!

Some things that we are keeping in mind for a new house:
  • "new" can be a relative term, and just because it is a few years old doesn't mean the basement has been developed.
  • "developed" is also a relative term - some basements we've seen would need to be gutted and start from scratch.  Been there, done that, with a scar or two to prove it - don't need to do it again right away.
The great thing about moving is that as I pack up my fabric, notions and sewing machines (one boxed, one in rolling case and serger in another box) I can sort through some of it and make the unpacking process easier - right?  If nothing else, I should be able to put some of the tips and tricks that I've been reading about setting up a great studio space right off the hop.

One thing is certain:  the next four weeks will be very busy!

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