Friday, 24 August 2012

Work In Progress - the studio

As promised, a picture of the studio space in its current format:

Sorry it's sideways, apparently I need to read/see the videos on how not to take pictures/videos with your phone for public viewing online.  That said, it is very unorganized right now, and when I have a better handle on what it will look like then I'll show you the "finished" product.

My brother and his lovely bride dropped off a shelving unit for me today.  Derk was even gracious enough to assemble it in the basement space so that all I have to do is determine where it is going, and what is going on it!  Thanks Derk and Ksashar!

I should probably get back to unpacking the rest of the house, because it seems that no matter how often I wish for it there are no magic gnomes coming into the house at night to unpack boxes. 

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


First, a huge thanks to all of our great friends and family that helped us out with the move.  It went way smoother than expected!

Now comes the "fun" part - unpacking!  My wonderful husband has already set-up the foam flooring in the area that will be my sewing studio.  I will be uploading pictures of the "WIP" (aka: flooring down, work tables in place, nothing else unpacked) shortly - I promise this time!

Once the space is organized, and I know where my other projects are, I'll have even more photos to upload for your enjoyment :)

Until next time!