Thursday, 23 May 2013

Mistakes Made...Tutorial in the Works!

In a world full of great online tutorials on paper piecing, I couldn't find one that fit well with the Lemoyne Star that is part of the quilt class I'm currently teaching.  So I thought I'd just do written instructions on paper piecing and demo the method to the class.

Mistake Number 1:  I didn't follow my own cutting instructions for the pattern, and therefore was giving a set of confusing "corrections" to the handout as I was doing the demo.

Lesson:  RTFQx2!  (Read the full question twice)  Or in this case, read the cutting instructions, read them again, then cut the fabric, organize the work space and then start to sew.  Better yet, do the step-by-step demo pieces the night/weekend before so you're not on the spot!

Mistake Number 2:  Once we sorted out that the only actual error in the pattern instructions was indeed my beautifully hand-written fabric key had two of the fabrics switched, I promptly sewed my first two pieces together "backwards" (meanign that once they were flipped the seam was on the opposite side of the shape than intended).  Fortunately, I am great at frog stitching (rrrrip-it, rrrip-it...).

Lesson:  Build at least one demo block according to the instructions BEFORE photocopying and teaching the method.  This one has been a hard lesson to learn as almost every week there have been some "modifications," aka corrections, that have needed to be done to the fabric cutting instructions.  GRRR...

On the plus side, I smartened up and started to take pictures of the steps for the block while the students were working on theirs.  I'm putting together my own little tutorial, and should have it posted by the end of the month :)

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