Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Getting Ready for Market

Balanced Needles Knitting & Quilting is off to the Community Market at Wilson's Greenhouse this Saturday, September 29!

While it is very exciting to be part of this blossoming community, it's also a little daunting.  The grand question for any crafter is always "how much should I bring?"  Here's the list of questions I ask myself each time:

1.  What time of year is the show/market happening?  If it's a one-day/one-weekend seasonal show, bring everything you can fit into your booth (with room to set it up appropriately) that fits that season.  If what you sell is large and difficult to transport, think about taking one or two and the appropriate signs indicating whether the item(s) are for sale/order. 

2.  How much stock do you have?  If you've only got three owl stuffies, bring all three.  If you've got more than what will fit nicely in your display, bring one less than that.  This can help convey the popularity of the item.  If your display area allows for easy (hidden) storage of extra stock, bring some along for really popular items.  Restock throughout the day as necessary, or bring more along the second day if possible.

Don't sacrifice quality for quantity. If you're known for selling good quality, your customers will keep coming back and recommending you to others. But if you're rushing to make "just one more" for sale, you're apt to make mistakes that could cost you a sale.

3.  How old are your items?  If what you're selling was very trendy five years ago, it might not be as popular now.  Simple, "classic" items however could still go for the price you've already marked, provided there is no indication of dust, or other "imperfections" that may indicate the item has been going back and forth between your home and the market for some time.  Consider reducing prices on older items - selling something at a bit of a loss is better than at a total loss, right?

There's always the question of "how much should I charge?"  But that's another topic for another day.


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